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Achieve success through the power of 

with International Success Coach Cindy Yates

Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy

Cindy Yates has been empowering others to succeed her entire adult life.


She is the ultimate optimist and believes in the limitless possibilities of everyone she meets. Her track record is phenomenal in helping her clients achieve success. 

Happiness is not just a gift it is a learned skill and she has successfully guided 100's of her clients to a deeper sense of happiness and JOY

Highly Effective Coaching:

Happiness Coaching: Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy

Happiness Coaching

  • Learn to Think On Purpose.

  • Live a Joy Filled Life and create confidence and balance

  • Rid yourself of negative self talk.

  • Create a plan to live your best life.

  • Create a Success Story

  • Belief and Vision

Professional and Corporate Coaching

  • Learn the secrets to being a successful entrepreneur

  • Take your business to the next level.

  • Set quarterly and yearly goals and a plan to make them come to fruition.

  • Learn to create synergy and high achievement within your teams.

  • Leadership Training (based on Cindy's Service Leadership course)

Professional & Corporate Coachng: Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy

The Joy Project

About: Honesty Academy Effective Coaching

At Honesty Academy, we believe that honesty is the key to unlocking our best selves and to finding the JOY and balance within.

We Empower people to experience their own unique brand of JOY.
The Joy project is a truth based 12 month program. We focus on REAL issues that we encounter every day.



Introducing "THE JOY PROJECT"
contact Cindy for an invite.
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Our Courses

Every course offered through Honesty Academy is geared toward you living your best life!

Honesty Academy Course: JBH


Honesty Academy Course:
Honesty Academy Course: JBH
Honesty Academy Course
Honesty Academy Course

Bring About Your Most Joy Filled Life

Just Be Happy

Just Be Honest

Just Be Healthy

Courses help us by directing our thoughts and our efforts toward those goals that are related to the Big Picture of our lives. 


Take a daily course and keep your thoughts focused!

The Book

Just-Be-Honest-by Cindy Yates
Read yourself into success by learning how to be honest with yourself. Find your life purpose so that your daily efforts lead you to achieving all of your personal goals.
Honesty sets us free to be all that we are meant to be and Just Be Honest gives us the tools to make this happen.

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testimonials for honesty academy

I became Cindy‘s client at a time in my life when I was searching for exquisite happiness and love and could not see for myself what was holding me back.


I felt anxiety and could not understand why it wouldn’t leave. Within two sessions I had a major break through that has changed my life. I had no idea anxiety could leave you so quickly, and I could see my life so much more clearly.


If you’re looking for answers and would like to do it as quickly as possible, I highly recommend Cindy‘s services. (Wish I had all that money and time back from traditional therapy!!)

Ali Bell

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