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About Cindy Yates


At Honesty Academy, we believe that honesty is the key to unlocking our best selves and to finding the joy and balance within.

This is a place where you will learn how to be honest with yourself and with your associates.


We coach everyone from Business Executives to Moms and everyone in-between.


Whether you are finding it hard to detect your purpose in life or you know what your purpose is and you need to move to the next level of success, we have the coaching and support you need.


We offer online courses and master mind groups that will guide you to the next level, no matter where you find yourself on this journey. 

About Cindy
Cindy's Story

I have been coaching people to have a more positive outlook since I was very small. Actually I was coaching others before I knew coaching was a thing. 

Helping others be their very best is a passion of mine. They say that "happiness is getting paid for doing something you would do for free" and that is exactly how I feel.

I have coached clients and teams to achieve insane success in many areas of business and more specifically in the direct sales business arena. It has been a source of joy for me to guide these individuals as they strive and work hard to reach their personal and professional goals. 

One of my god-given talents is discernment and I use my discernment and my life experiences and education to help my clients find their most authentic successful selves. But together we don't stop there. 

As these team members and top leaders reach their success goals often times they find they aren't as deeply happy as they desired. Because of this, I developed a coaching plan to help all of my clients achieve a deeper sense of joy and balance.

Essentially it is an emphasis on achieving personal honesty as well as achieving success. That is when the magic happens.

A joy filled life is the ultimate quest. To be full of joy and confidence is what we are striving for. We cannot find our deepest joy if we are not being completely honest and open with who we are. Being true to ourselves is the first step to a truly balanced and confident life.

When we let our own lights shine from within, we give others the example and permission to do the same. 

I found that when I help my clients be honest with themselves, they learn to love themselves.

Love is the universal language and I love everyone. When we lead with love and a desire to understand others, we find that all areas of our lives become more deeply satisfying and whole. 

My first love is my husband Craig and our family. Being a wife and a mother and now a grandmother is my top priority. A close second is helping others achieve their own kind of happiness and success no matter what that looks like to them.

Love of self and others through honesty creates a beautiful balance that we must achieve in order to truly have a joy filled confident life."

With Love,


Education and Experience

Cindy is a Certified Life Coach.

She is an international motivational expert and has helped people from all over the world find their purpose.

She is bilingual and loves to coach people from every background and believes we are all more alike than we are different.


She uses NLP techniques (neuro-linguistic programming) to help her clients create new thinking habits.

As a Certified Happiness Coach Cindy has created the course called Just Be Happy.


Cindy is the author of Just Be Honest which inspired the concept of the JBH community.


Cindy received her education in business and fashion in Los Angeles.


lisa 2.jpg
Lisa Babincsak, client

My sessions with Cindy have been a huge help in moving me toward my goals.  Cindy has helped me identify the subconscious hurdles I have placed in my way and take the steps to remove them and, more importantly, keep them out of my way. She has helped me to be very clear about my vision for my life and my businesses and how to turn that vision into reality. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things this year will bring and look forward to continuing my work with Cindy!

Testimony Photo.jpg
Eric Dickey, podcaster of ‘I AM DISCIPLE’

Cindy Yates is an honest voice of reason. 
Her skills as a Life Coach are not by hearsay but through her life experience. She has valued her experiences to the point of being honest and candid with deep emotional expressions. With that skill, you can have an assurance in knowing that she truly can guide you. She speaks and coaches with intuition and a deep sense of understanding and confidence.
Because in the end, we all need that “someone” who can assist us in those life decision moments. Where we not only ask ourselves “what is the ‘right’ thing to do?” BUT we also ask ourselves “what is the ‘wise’ thing to do?” 
With Cindy as my life coach I am beginning to see more often that ‘wise’ thing is to do.

Cindy is an inspiration and such an amazing woman to look up to. She really listens and helps you understand where you need to work and focus your energy.
She deeply cares about her clients and wants to see them succeed. 
Overall Cindy is an amazing mentor and has given me feedback and I have ran with it. I am so thankful for the time that I have with Cindy. She is not only my success coach but my friend.


The Joy Project

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