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Life and Success Coaching, Happiness Coaching: Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy

Life & Success Coaching

Life and Success Coaching with Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy

A life/success coach helps us navigate the steps that we must take in order to realize our goals!


A coach can help us find the motivation by giving us doable steps that are broken down to make the goal or project easier to attain.


As your coach, Cindy will help you detect your purpose in life. She will also help you determine how serious you are by creating a plan that can test your desire level in achieving your dreams.


This connection is crucial to realizing true success.


Corporate Leadership Coaching

CEO and Business Owners will find that Cindy’s Corporate Coaching is a lifesaver.

After working with Cindy for just a few days, you will see your company and your leadership through new eyes that will lead you to bigger success.


You will be guided to the perfect leader for your teams and pinpoint the core issues that are getting in the way of your growth.

Cindy will spend time with your executive team and core leadership in order to find the solutions that you need to turn the corner and leave the struggle behind and realize the BIGGER PICTURE of growth and profits.

Many businesses have experienced happier employees and productivity after implementing “Cindy’s Corporate Coaching” core principles.

Experience the benefits of professional coaching!

Book a complimentary Corporate Leadership Coaching session with Cindy Yates

Personal Success Coaching with Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy

Personal Success Coaching:

Cindy’s Personal One on One Success Coaching will change your life.

Whether you need a month of coaching or an ongoing coaching plan, she will give you the tools you need to SUCCEED!

Ask yourself these few questions:

  • Are you frustrated because you have dreams but you don’t know the next step?

  • Have you procrastinated or talked yourself out of moving forward in your goals?

  • Do you have moments of self doubt and negative self talk?

  • Do you feel stuck in your current lifestyle and career and you need some guidance on how to get to the next level?

Ready for a better, happier YOU?

Book a complimentary Personal Success Coaching session with Cindy Yates

Personal Success Coaching with Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy
Personal Success Coaching with Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy

After you have determined your purpose in life and your level of desire, Cindy will help you put together a plan that will get results you need to reach the success you deserve.


You will learn the importance of habit and commitment. Cindy will help you be accountable to the commitments that you have made to yourself and to others.


A life coach is your best resource to learn how to overcome obstacles such as self-doubt, fear, the negative opinions of others, lack of knowledge and just plain old inaction or stagnation. Cindy has a proven track record in achieving this very thing.


It can feel impossible to just get that pendulum into motion. Sometimes all you need, is to have someone help you get moving in the right direction.


Finding the right life coach is one of the best investments you can give yourself and your future.


If Cindy is not the right fit, she will work tirelessly to help find the right coach who will help you make your dreams come true!!

Personal Success Coaching with Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy
Why do you need a Life coach to achieve success and happiness?

Ask yourself:

  • Do I sometimes have negative or damaging self-talk?
  • Am I negatively affected by what I hear on the news or read on social media?
  • Can I see my life purpose with clarity and a hyper focus?
  • Do I let other things get in my way of achieving my goals?
  • Do I procrastinate my own dreams while being on time and present for other peoples dreams and goals?
  • Do I want to change?

Here at Honesty Academy Cindy offers her remarkable "Mindset" coaching class on these life changing topics:

  • Thinking
  • Life Purpose and Desire
  • Belief
  • Personal Trust
  • Habits and Vision
  • Success Mentality
Cindy Yates, Honesty Academy
Book your complimentary Coaching session with Cindy Yates
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