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Courses help us by directing our thoughts and our efforts toward those goals that are related to the Big Picture of our lives. 

Take a daily course and keep your thoughts focused!
JBH Course
Cindy's Mindset Course
Think on Purpose
(in depth daily thinking)


New courses are coming every month. Stay tuned to learn more about the upcoming courses created just for our Honesty Academy community so that you can reach your highest potential.

Here at Honesty Academy, we take all of our clients through the Cindy's Mindset Course which teaches how to Think on Purpose.

It includes training on Thinking, Life Purpose and Desire, Belief, Personal Trust, Habits and Vision.

And don't miss out on our first of three videos in the JBH club. Just Be Happy!


Just Be Happy is a simple, 21 Day Course to put EVERYONE on the path to getting their happy back.


Everyone from moms and dads, teens and co-workers, neighbors and friends, are struggling to find their happy.


We all need more happiness in our lives.


Even those who seem to be insanely successful aren't as happy as they want to be.

Coming Soon in the 

JBH courses


Just Be Honest

Just Be Healthy

Just Be Happy!

A JBH video course

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In this 21 day series of videos, you are given a daily challenge to help you be happy.


Cindy holds nothing back as she shares some of her most sought after coaching lessons. It is her desire to make these normally high dollar lessons affordable and accessible.


Learn easy steps to take to get on the path of feeling better and having brighter days.


Cindy is up close and personal in these 21 videos. She shares personal experiences to help us understand the different aspects of happiness. She is vulnerable and unscripted as she shares real life information.


When you sign up today, you will have access to this 21 day series of videos that will get you on the right track to feeling happy and confident about your future. This is a gold mine just waiting for you to enjoy. It is Cindy's way of sharing her golden nuggets of information with the world to do her part in getting our happy back.

Ali Bell, Client
Cindy is one of the rare people in this world who does not live in the superficial. She is a master of helping you dive deeply into your inner world and bring forth the treasures of your gifts and talents so that you can live life fully and feel the energy of life on your terms. I highly recommend that if you are ready to put in the heart and effort it takes to swim through what may sometimes be dark water, having her as your coach/mentor will save you years or decades of needless suffering.