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10 Things To Create A Positive Successful Life. Let's start with the #1.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all together?

Why do they always look like they just walked off of the cover of a magazine?

Their teeth are always whiter than yours.

Their car is always shiny.

Their children are always happy.

Their marriage is always exciting.

They vacation in the most beautiful resorts.

Here's the real answer to this. Your life is not about how much better everyone else is at living their lives. It is about what you are doing in your life to make it the best life you want.

Therein lies the answer. What do you want?

If you want to have whiter teeth then whiten them.

It is creating an action plan that is directly related to what you want.

Simple enough right? Well yes if you know how.

So let's first make sure you know what you want.

This is the first thing on the list of creating a positive happy life.

  1. What do you want?

Have you ever thought of going on vacation with out any idea of where you want to visit? I hope not because you could end up driving around in circles without having a vacation at all. But the sad truth is that many of us go into life not knowing what we want to achieve and where we want to go.

I have asked countless people...."what do you want out of your life" and they cannot give me specifics. They say things like. I want to be happy. I want. to be well off. I want to be healthy.

When I ask for specifics they cannot come up with the plan.

So, lets figure out what you want in living beautiful colors.

Where do you want to live. If you could live anywhere in this world where would it be. Remember it is up to you to create this visionary plan so really give this some thought because what you focus on you will manifest.

Is it somewhere warm, somewhere spiritual. Somewhere by the ocean or in the mountains. Is it by family or certain friends.

Write down your ideas and find pictures that represent your vision of where you would like to live.

How would you like to live.?

In a big house or small house? A cottage or high rise apartment? A loft in the city or a small farm in the country?

What is your esthetic in your home? Is it clean and utilitarian? Is it shabby chic? Is it homey and quaint? Is it majestic and royal.

Find pictures of your idea of what is beautiful and what represents you.

What kind of career do you want or do you want to be a stay at home parent and mold your children while your spouse works?

Do you want a career in corporate America? Or in The Fashion Industry? Or are you a free lance writer or an MUA?

Do you want an education and become a doctor or an attorney or an investor?

The sky is the limit. But you must sit down and ask yourself what is it you want.

This is a very important part of forming your life. It CANNOT be the dream of your parents or your mentor or your teacher or your spouse. This has to come from your very soul.

Do you love to serve others? To you love to create structures? Do you love to inspire others?

Ask yourself, "when am I the happiest? Is it when you are around people talking about ideas and concepts? Is it when you are alone with your own thoughts and ideas? Do you get motivated by others and by being a part of a team? Maybe you like to work at your own pace and you find strength in quiet contemplation.

This is a very personal journey. It is a very CRUCIAL journey.

What do you want?

Keeping a journal and being completely honest with yourself in what it is that you truly want will get you off on the right track. This may take you a while especially if you aren't used to thinking your own thoughts . If you could have anything in life, what would it look like? Don't ask others their opinions. Be true to you and your dreams.

This is the first step in creating a beautiful, positive, successful life.

Stay tuned for step #2.

Happiness is a choice and it takes effort. You can do it.

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