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#7 in Living a Positive and Successful Life...MUSIC!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Music is a powerful way to inject positivity into your day. Music can take you to a completely different world if you let it. It can bring about memories of good times. It can raise your serotonin levels and it absolutely can bring about a mood of euphoria.

As you listen to music, allow it to create an emotion within you.

Emotions are the keyboard to your brain. What does this mean exactly you may ask?

Well, the stronger the emotion the deeper the impression is made in your brain of whatever you are thinking about. So be very mindful of what you are thinking when you are experiencing the kind of emotion that music evokes within you.

This is truth. Our thoughts are SO IMPORTANT and absolutely will manifest within our lives. So, do this on purpose. Listen to a song that causes you deep emotion and then think deeply and be focused on the image of your goal in your mind as you feel the emotions. This is HOW YOU PROGRAM YOUR MIND. If you want to achieve great things...yes you need to work toward it, but, the secret to making it come to fruition, is to attach emotion to a very clear and unfiltered image of what you want.

If you are stuck in negative thoughts and images, change them right now. Turn on your favorite jam, think about your perfect vision of what you want in your life and let it all imbed in your subconscious mind. This is truth.

Do not make the mistake of thinking you can hide what you are thinking. This just isn't the way it works. And beware of people around you. Watch how they live their lives and what kind of emotions they are portraying.

There are breadcrumbs and clues to what is inside someones mind. Look for complainers. Look for silence. Look around them and look for clues. If there is a fun song on the radio, does this person feel it. DO they tap their toe or sing along?

If our thoughts manifest within our lives...which they do...then you will see what is inside someones mind by the way they live, and speak and listen to music. Are they complimentary of others or do they put others down. Are they gossipy or are they uplifting and respectful. Are they full of gratitude or arrogance? Do they listen to uplifting music and does their music match your taste or is it damaging and does it create a feeling of darkness?

These are some golden nuggets. So are you that person that gets a song stuck in your mind and you find yourself hearing it in your head even at night? IF you have experienced this, you now know how very powerful and influencing music can be.

When I wake up with a song in my mind, I am so grateful that the song is uplifting and something feeding my soul and not pulling me down. Especially since I know with absolute certainty that thoughts manifest in my life...that song that is playing over and over in my head has to be a positive influence on my soul.

Take this to heart. Think it over and make some very easy changes in your listening pleasure. Sometimes, I'll even take the beat of my favorite song and put my own words to it so that the message that I'm receiving is the message that directly relates to my chosen vision for my life.

I challenge you to put this to the test. Music is a magic potion to a successful happier life.




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