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Beautiful except when it isn't. My entire life I have had lots of hair. When I would go to the salon to have it cut, the stylist would always comment at how much healthy hair I had. I took it for granted that I would always have my hair.

Then after having a surgery and going through some struggles I found that my hair was coming out in my fingers as I washed it and styled it. I would have clumps of hair in my brush. I didn't notice right away but then it was obvious.

I started to freak out. Then I started spending money on hair growth products. I swear it got worse.

I am not going to name the products that I used that didn't work because i believe in positivity and only want positive beautiful things attached to my comments but there are lots that don't work.

I am however going to share with you the things that I found that do work.

Finally my hair feels like it is getting back to itself, but i am never going to take it for granted again.

So here's some of the secrets. I feel like they are secrets because I literally had to dig deep for this information.

It has been a journey. So like I said earlier, I tried EVERYTHING. Spent lots of money and time and stress. I mean its my hair. My respect has skyrocketed for men who walk the earth with no hair. I mean some of the most attractive men are bald. Actually some of the most attractive women are bald and that is great but the truth for most of us is that we need our hair to feel complete.

So back to the journey. It dawned on me that I was putting all of these expensive products on my hair but I wasn't paying enough attention to what was going on inside my body and mind. Which is somewhat strange since I'm a happiness coach and always focusing on the inside out work of happiness and joy.

There are a few products that I can suggest that I have noticed really do make a difference in the appearance of our hair but first let's focus on the inside.

This is a three part blog because I have promised myself to keep my messages to the point.

The first question that I want to ask all of us is.... "Why don't we put as much time and effort into the insides of our souls like we do on the outward appearance."

It dawned on me that I was doing this very thing. I was so focused on my outward appearance of going bald that I had forgotten my own teachings of being balanced and creating an inside out movement of improvement. Make no mistake, losing my hair was just as much of an inside job as anything else that might seem like a mental or spiritual issue.

My husband said to me "maybe you are concentrating too much on the problem and actually making it worse." What??? He is actually listening when I am coaching and even more amazing is that he is turning my own words back onto me and guiding me to the answers that for some reason I couldn't see for myself.

AND OF COURSE HE WAS SPOT ON!!! If the saying is true that we bring about what we think about and it is even more powerful when we add emotion to could be said that I was actually causing this problem because I was adding deep worry and even fear to the issue. So not only was my body rebelling against my hair follicles :D but I was worsening the problem by mentally creating a negative emotion directed toward my hair.

Pause for a minute. Read that paragraph above one more time. If you do not believe that your thoughts manifest themselves in EVERY PART of our lives, then you need to go back to square one and examine your belief system. THOUGHTS MANIFEST THEMSELVES IN EVERY REAL TIME LIFE ISSUES. Obviously we all need reminders every once in a while. I mean this is what I do every single day as I guide others to find their joy and balance and success. But I lost myself for a bit in my negative worry.

So, this first part of this HAIR discussion is actually dealing with first things first. I know, many of your are rolling your eyes (NOT ALLOWED) because you are thinking to yourself, "Just get to the solution." This IS the most important part and it doesn't cost anything but a bit of your time to read.

It takes time to have a positive happy successful less bald life. It takes honesty with ourselves to examine our thoughts and beliefs.

I was too busy to stop and ask myself questions about my HAIR. I was busy bringing about happiness and joy in the world. But guess what? None of us can bring about anything that we are not living ourselves. I forgot for a minute.

I finally stopped and took inventory of my thoughts. I found worry. I found fear. I found doubt. I even found a bit of embarrassment because of my HAIR. I mean it's about being transparent right? I was kind of surprised by what i found lurking underneath it all. Sometimes it sneaks up on us.

So I literally took a break for a few days to put the work into myself and get myself on to a personal path to fix these inside issues.

This is what I do when I come to a wall like this. I sit down for a minute and take a deep breath. I mentally unzip my outer body and look at my soul. If I don't see a golden shining beautiful woman holding her golden sword strong and healthy enough to fight off the temptations of the world, I get busy finding that woman again. It is my choice how strong I am. it is my choice how I see myself and how I decide to live my life. It is NO ONES responsibility to make me feel strong and healthy and beautiful. That responsibility is on me. And if I don't have the strength to do this, well, then, I know who does. My creator! I am not arrogant enough to think that I have all the answers. I have lived too long and through too many struggles to not give GOD credit for getting me to this point. Yes, it took willingness and work on my part but it started with faith in His love and belief in me. God's love is not for the chosen few. His love is available for those who choose to feel it and have His influence in their lives. It is a choice.

What does all of this have to do with me losing my hair. EVERYTHING. If you are still not getting the point, then you probably won't until you are humbled enough through life's journey to bring you to the point where you can hear this message.

The very moment I stopped worrying negative and replaced it with positive images was when I literally stopped seeing my hair fall out. It's true.

Control the focus of your thoughts. Be honest with how you are REALLY feeling. Examine your soul for diseases like fear, doubt, worry, shame, embarrassment and complaining, comparison....replace any of this with hope. Sometimes we don't have the mental strength to replace these with positivity but we can at least bring about HOPE that leads to faith. You know when you have faith, when you begin to desire positive ACTION. Fear and Faith cannot coexist!! Anger and gratitude cannot co exist.

In the second part of this series on HAIR, I will share with you what I did to change my insides physically. What foods and supplements I began to consistently integrate into my diet. Of course there were things that I tried that DID NOT work. But Im going to concentrate on what is working.

Please, go back over this post. Read it until it becomes believable to you. For some it will be easy and for others it will be a struggle but this is all based on truth. I have personally proven these lessons through my own struggles and findings. This is not me repeating something i read in a book or someone else's blog. This is real time information that works. So if you have to struggle, then struggle but get yourself on this path because these golden nuggets I have shared with you, are the secrets to a JOYOUS life.



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