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A six word question that will clarify how happy you are!

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

I have dedicated a great amount of time determining what makes us happy. My clients and friends call me The Happiness Coach which is such a compliment.

This doesn't mean that I walk around laughing all of the time.

It does mean that I know how to create happiness in my own life and I know how to guide others on the path to experience more happiness.

In this post I want to discuss the 6 word question that absolutely can determine your ability to achieve a deep sense of abiding happiness.

"Do you love what you do??" The answer to this question can tell me more than you can imagine about your ability to find happiness.

We spend most of the hours of each day making an income to pay for our needs and the lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves.

You may be shaking your head or giving me an inner eye roll because you think what you do everyday is not your choice. Your lifestyle is what you are creating for yourself. It is either exactly what you want or it is exactly what your excuses have left you with.

My clients will tell you that I refuse to listen to excuses. Zero excuses are allowed when you are setting your sites on achieving happiness and reaching your best self and best life.

There is no one but ourselves to credit if we are or are not experiencing JOY on a daily basis. I have heard people "blame" their boss, their children, their spouses, their parents, their lack of education, lack of money, lack of talent...I could go on and on.

How you spend your time not only in the physical realm (at work, school, home) but also in the mental and spiritual realm of your life, is absolutely directly related to your ability to feel happy.

"Do you DO what you love?" Are you making an income doing something you love so much that you would do it for free?

Why are you doing what you do? Ask yourself why. Why is such an empowering life changing question.

Why are you unhappy?

Why do you feel stuck in your JOB?

Why do you dread to go into work?

Why do you work where you do?

Why do you feel lonely?

Why do you feel like you are unseen?

Why do you have negative self talk?

Why are you so judgmental of others and secretly of yourself?

Only you know the answers to these personal questions.

All of these questions can be answered by shining a bright light on the "obstacles" that are seemingly getting in our way.

If I asked you what is getting in your way? You may say....your job, your relationship, your kids, your current financial situation.

But the only real answer is, that the only real obstacle is YOU.

Viktor Frankl's book "A Man's Search For Meaning" is a powerful example of how we can literally change our lives by our perspective. He tells his story of being in a jewish concentration camp. He found that during this terrible and horrific experience in his life no one could change the way he thought and his dreams and his attitude and mind. Others can abuse your body and hold you prisoner but you are the one in control of your thoughts and your emotions and your attitude.

A few quotes from his amazing book:

"Striving to find meaning in one's life is the primary motivational force in


"It is not enough simply to have something to do, rather what counts is the

manner in which one does the work..."

And i will add that it is important to examine the emotions that you experience when you are working or playing. What is your frame of mind and your depth of emotion?

If we can find positivity in our daily activities we will begin to feel a deeper sense of Joy and accomplishment in our lives. I challenge all of us to find the positive in everything we do. Even if you feel that you are stuck in your life, I believe that as we focus on the positive aspects of our lives we will begin to see miracles happen through opportunities. I have experienced this many times.

Don't focus on the results. They will manifest themselves sometimes in the least expected manner. But do focus on your efforts. When you work, work with an absolute attitude of gratitude and give it 100% effort. Do NOT complain. Be positive and have a powerful expectation of belief in the miracles of your dreams. Dream big In living colors.

Try this and please reach out to me and share your stories. It really is miraculous. I know it feels like it should be harder than this, IT'S NOT. What's hard is convincing your head to play by these new rules. You've got this!!




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