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Do you feed your brain on a daily basis? #3 in the series Living a Positive Successful Life.

We all know what it feels like to be hungry. It is one of the first things we feel as infants. And it is one of the first cries mother's recognize in their babies. There is the hungry cry and the scared cry, the uncomfortable cry and the scared cry.

Do we ever pay attention to the empty cry.

The empty cry is the cry for interaction. The cry for knowledge and truth. The cry to learn and stretch and grow.

Our brain needs food, and just like with our body, depending on the kind of food you feed it, our brain will either be healthy and strong and vibrant or weak and stagnant and flat.

What is considered food for the brain?

After years and years of helping people get out of their own way and begin to achieve their own unique goals, I have a few suggestions on this subject that have proven to be helpful and true for my clients.

First of all, stop the negative talk that you allow to float around in your beautiful brain. Just STOP it. It's a bad habit and it is not healthy. You wouldn't allow your body to sleep in a garbage truck would you? By allowing negative self talk to be present in your brain you are literally allowing your brain to live in garbage. Clean it up. Keep it beautiful in there. Create an environment in your brain just like you would in your dream home. It is actually easier than you think. But like everything that is worthwhile it takes effort and concentration and commitment.

Let me share a story with you about my friend and client Gabe (Of course I have changed his name).

When Gabe and I first began to work together he was a young man struggling to get by. He had experienced some really bad things in his young life and he wanted to make changes but didn't know how.

After going over some important details of his life, it was very clear to me that this young man had HUGE potential and just needed some guidance.

One of the first things I had him commit to was to download audible the book app. Then I gave him one book to read. Just one and asked him to read/listen to a chapter every day. The miracle of feeding his mind was immediate and amazing.

It was like a light turned on inside his brain. It literally felt like he had been sitting in a cave and finally someone brought him a light so that he could come out and begin to live. Gabe, has listened to every book I have suggested for him to listen to.

We have covered everything from business know how, to personal improvement, to spiritual enlightenment and on and on. I am VERY VERY picky what books I recommend to my clients. Every book I recommend I have read it and studied it and I have found the book to be real information and beneficial to each clients needs.

A little golden nugget for those of you who are wanting to learn how to be a better coach. Play volleyball with your people. I don't mean the game volleyball even though it is a fun game, I mean begin the back and forth process in your coaching like you would in volleyball. You serve it to them and if they hit it back then you give them more. If they don't hit is back after a while you really need to ask yourself two things. Either your client isn't ready to be coached and to improve or your coaching is not effective. Be honest with yourself and your clients. It doesn't do anyone any good if no one is improving.

Listen to positive music. This is actually another blog post within itself, but listen to positive happy uplifting music that inspires you. Surround yourself with powerful messages. Written on little notes for your mind to have something to ponder. Get creative. This is another separate post but oh so IMPORTANT.

PAY ATTENTION to your Brain's EMPTY CRY for help. I personally am so sensitive to that now that I am careful to make sure that my brain is fed and clean and exercised. I feel it as much or more than I feel the pangs of hunger.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to feed your brain daily. Feed it good healthy lovely food for thought. Stay away from ANYTHING that is negative. People, programs, thoughts, music, work, podcasts anything that has a subject matter that is negative or gross or detrimental to your happiness. Clean it all up.

When you choose to take this very important step you will see miracles in your life.

My next post will be on the power of your thoughts.

The goal is to BE HAPPY. The goal is to have a happy positive and successful life.


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