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HAIR Part 2

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

I told you that I would share with you what I did to make my hair not only healthier looking but begin to grow and have life again.

I had a few people reach out today and ask if I really believe that I can help my hair grow and be more healthy by checking my thoughts and changing my attitude and I say...unashamedly....absolutely. I have zero doubts. Our minds are so powerful and when we have enough belief even the size of a mustard seed, we could say to that mountain move from here to there. So why can't our thoughts that are attached to faith make our hair grow. It makes perfect sense to me.

I'm sure you can see the difference in these photos in my hair. It was hard for me to go to this event where I wore a beautiful gown and spent quality time with the most beautiful people in the world. This Gala for Gigi Playhouse was a wonderful event where we celebrated down syndrome and these talented beautiful kids.

I forgot about my hair woes for the night and allowed my heart to fill up with joy by spending time with these angels.

But the truth is, that my hair was really not healthy. It was lifeless.

I had already started taking the supplements and applying the products on my hair with the prayer that this would finally work.

And guess's working. I am so excited and so relieved that my hair is finally starting to feel like itself again. I am that person that believes in sharing the good news. I don't hold back secrets if I find something that is magical because I find great joy in helping others feel better.

So, I said to myself, I can't be the only woman in the world that is struggling with my hair? I know that it is traditionally a man's problem, which doesn't make sense because we all have hair. But, now that i have gone through this myself and have had to sort through all of the products that are out there, I realized that this is a bigger problem than I had ever understood until it happened to me.

I have created some links to share with you. I hope they work because this information is magical.

In this part 2 section I decided to share the products I started using to help my actual hair look and feel better. In part 3 I will share with you the supplements I have been taking to help grow my hair and have it restored to the thick shiny hair I'm used to. My nails have improved and my skin looks great too. SO there's that.

Ok here's the break down. After asking so many women what they were using as shampoo and conditioner I finally found the brand and kind that works.

Pureology Nanoworks Gold Shampoo and Pureology Nanoworks Gold Conditioner are amazing. I was very skeptical. I thought it had to be something more organic and natural. Honesty I'm not quite sure how I got that into my head but there were enough people who highly recommended these specific products that I was ready to try anything so I went ahead and bought them. After one use I saw the difference. Just in how my hair felt after conditioning it. I do leave the conditioner in my hair longer while I'm shaving my legs or all the areas...and rinsing the mask off of my face. It stays in for about five minutes.

I do wash my hair every other day now. I was only washing my hair two times a week if that, thinking I was benefitting it by leaving the natural oils in my hair but then I read somewhere that we need to clean the pollution and yucky stuff out of our hair just like we do with our skin. I would never go to bed with a dirty face. Even if i don't wear makeup during the day I always wash the day off. So it made sense to cleanse my hair of the daily for now its every other day.

I am very gentle with my hair. I use a really big toothed comb to untangle it. This anti static sandlewood comb is beautiful and so good with your hair. It is meant to be for curly hair which is traditionally harder to untangle so it makes sense that it would be gentle on my not really curly but kind of wavy hair.

Okay....there is a product that I have used for years thinking that it was THE BEST. It was pricey but I always justified it because it was supposed to be the best. Come to find out, it was breaking my hair and causing damage at the root. Dang it!

Luckily I was talking to a stylist one day and she told me about a relatively new product called k18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask (heres a link to it ) Oh my goodness, game changer right here. You use a tiny bit. I usually use two pumps for each side of my hair. I work it in on one side and then the other and then I gently comb through it with my fingers. Then I Ieave it to set in my hair while I'm putting my serum on my face and neck. It needs to sit and kind of soak in. Then I blow dry my hair on medium heat.

I make sure my hair is all the way dry before I continue with any curling or heating tools. Before I curl my hair, I apply another really awesome product called the Crown Affair Hair Oil. So moisturizing and creates a beautiful glow to your hair without any residue or oily feeling. I bought mine at sephora but I found it on amazon too. Here is a link so you know what it looks like and can compare prices. I find that many times amazon is less expensive and very convenient but its fun to shop at Sephora too. Here's the link

I never use hair spray anymore because I think it was making my hair brittle and it broke easier.

A few other things that I found that makes a difference. I don't wear as many messy buns. My husband commented the other day that it was nice to see my hair down around my face instead of always up in a messy bun. I hadn't realized that I was being lazy with my hair style. I take my hair down more and massage my scalp and make sure that my scalp is getting circulation like I do with my skin.

If I notice any areas of my hair that feels rough during the day I put a little drop of the crown affair oil in my palm and smooth it over my hair.

In part 3 of this HAIR series I will include an awesome formula that I use on my roots and also supplements that I take daily that I now will never find myself without.

I am actually saving money but even more importantly, I am feeling confident again about my appearance. If you haven't read part one of this, I highly recommend it. I share some very real solutions that aren't only relevant for your hair but for every part of your life.

As you have probably noticed I am Mrs Bountiful and I will be in the Mrs Utah America Pageant in March. This could be why I was stressing a bit more than usual over my hair. So much pressure. So much fun girlfriend time and the pressure is self imposed but I'm working on it. The pageant for me is about promoting The Joy Project which is all about empowering women to find their own unique brand of joy. It is my goal to touch as many lives as I can and inspire women from all over the world to shine and experience the very best happiest selves.

I want so badly to hear about your results as you put these things into practice. I promise that if I find an even better solution I will continue sharing because it brings me so much joy to know I am helping others experience happiness and confidence.

Good luck on your journey of having healthy hair and maintaining it.



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