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Just Be Honest

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Do we keep our word to ourselves? With raw vulnerability, I can show you how I rose above a very dark time because of my willingness to be honest.

It is so sad when I meet someone who is very successful in business and not so in their personal life. I've found that it always comes down to the subject of personal honesty.
The book Just Be Honest is a small but powerful glimpse into the kind of lessons that Cindy has taught me.


Through every phase of my life, she has guided me by example and her wise advice. She taught me how to believe in myself and how to work fiercely to achieve my goals. She taught me to be kind to others and give people second chances. She taught me to be honest and have integrity no matter the social cost. And she taught me how to have fun while doing the right thing.

She is a powerful voice of wisdom in my life. Even in adulthood when I am faced with a difficult decision, whether personal or professional, I still think to myself, “Would my mom be proud of this choice?” This litmus test has helped me choose the right path over and over.

I don’t think this way because of fear—I think this way because I have learned that doing the right thing brings joy.

I have seen my mom , Cindy succeed at astronomical levels in business and in life and I have also seen her failures. She acts with faith and leads her life with a powerful optimism that makes the failures seem small and the success feel possible. People love to be around her because she believes in their dreams. She is someone who will not only cheer you on but help you acquire the tools to succeed.

All of my accomplishments in life, whether it was playing sports, finding my spouse, graduating college and running my own business, I can trace back to conversations with my mom. She is not just a mom—she is the best coach, cheerleader, friend and business consultant I have ever known.

This book is not just about telling the truth. It will shift paradigms and open your eyes to the freedom of being sincerely honest not only with others, but with yourself. The simple principles in this book are often overlooked and underrated but believe me, there is power in honesty!

Jonathan Yates




Cindy Yates is the perfect person to write this book.


Not only because of her knowledge of honesty but because of her life experiences pertaining to it. She has had countless instances where she had to come to a decision whether to be honest or not, and every time she chose honesty. Yes, I am sure she’s made incorrect decisions. She is not perfect, and she is the first to admit it.  But those instances where she had to go back and correct a mistake or bad choice are the very experiences that have sculpted her into the woman she is today.


Cindy is strong, powerful, true, and honest! She is a true disciple of Jesus Christ. She has found a way to choose the harder right over the easier wrong. She has found a way to choose the good over the bad. She has found a way to choose light over darkness!


True honesty is a very hard thing to master. It is to look within your soul and see pure intent and no deception to yourself or to others. And I believe, in my 26 years of knowing Cindy—not only as my mother, but as my friend—she has done this. I ask you to cherish the words she shares in this book. They are real and true, and they will change you forever.”

Michael Yates


Mary Young Co-Founder and CEO of Young Living

“If people could adhere to the principles and the path to honesty that Cindy Yates has written in this book, our world would dramatically change from one of chaos and fear, to one of peace, love, and the success of humanity.”

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