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The Joy Project 
For Women


Join our weekly zoom call to begin the journey to a more

Joyful life.

(Contact us below for the zoom info.)

We empower women to experience their own unique brand of JOY
12 Month Program
Each month focuses on an attribute of JOY



Each month we focus on a different part of JOY and how we can come closer to achieving a balanced, confident and peaceful way of life. This challenge was created for our Honesty Academy and JOY community so that you can reach your highest and happiest potential. 

12 Attributes of
The Joy Project Challenge
  1. Belonging
  2. Thoughts 
  3. Identity
  4. Journey
  5. Virtue
  6. Honesty
  7. Choice
  8. Leadership
  9. Weakness  (leads us to strength)
  10. Service
  11. Love, Hope, Faith and Charity
  12. Gratitude


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Just Be Happy is a simple, 21 Day Course to put EVERYONE on the path to getting their happy back.


Everyone from moms and dads, teens and co-workers, neighbors and friends, are struggling to find their happy.


We all need more happiness in our lives.


Even those who seem to be insanely successful aren't as happy as they want to be.

Just Be Happy!
Check out the 21 day video course.

Ali Bell, Client
Cindy is one of the rare people in this world who does not live in the superficial. She is a master of helping you dive deeply into your inner world and bring forth the treasures of your gifts and talents so that you can live life fully and feel the energy of life on your terms. I highly recommend that if you are ready to put in the heart and effort it takes to swim through what may sometimes be dark water, having her as your coach/mentor will save you years or decades of needless suffering.
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